With our online accreditation system you can place a value on the skills acquired by means of your voluntary experience. By certifying your skills you will increase your employability possibilities.


By means of our app you can speak on behalf of your voluntary foundations and certifying the skills acquired undertaking voluntary works in your entity. Their disinterested help deserves to be recognised. What do you think?


Reconoce is an online, non-formal accreditation system of the voluntary action. This project is founded in 2014 for the purpose of assembling a national network of organisations that foster the recognition of skills and abilities obtained through voluntary works in order to improve the youth employability.

Since its foundation, Reconoce has implemented several action points, from the development of an Study on the youth voluntary works and the employment in Spain, in order to promote which is the youth voluntary profile and identify the main skills acquired during the voluntary action, in addition to understand which is the working situation of voluntary youth.

Around this system, a Network of Reconoce Organisations have been created, which is composed of all the organisations working in the area of extracurricular education and that are willing to certify the experience of their voluntary foundations.

By means of their campaigns, Reconoce aims at raising awareness to the business industry in order to make the people responsible for recruiting know the skills and abilities that may be interesting to make up their teams. This leads to start the way to officially recognise the professional skills (PREAR).


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Reconoce is a project led by the Confederation of Don Bosco Youth Centres in collaboration with the Didania Federation and ASDE Scouts of Spain, who have come together to value volunteers who work in the area of extracurricular education in order to raise awareness among the business community, and society in general, of the skills acquired by volunteers and to improve the employability of young people. The three youth organisations bring together more than 15,000 voluntary people all around Spain.